Jumpsuite.io offers a platform where industry professionals and enterprises are able to create, market and sell training and nutrition plans. Our market place will be a place where clients are able to go browse, review and purchase programs from any seller in the world. And sellers can more effectively and time efficiently create and market their programs. Objectives

Jumpsuite has set the following objectives to be achieved during the first three years of expansion and growth:

  • #1 Go-to place for health and fitness
  • #1 platform to rate and review industry professionals
  • #1 SaaS for fitness and nutrition customization
  • Best fitness App and Customer Experience
  • Largest Cross Platform Integration


Our goal is to disrupt the health and fitness industry by bringing industry professionals and clients together. Within 3 years, Jumpsuite will become recognized and established as the #1 mobile fitness provider globally and a major player within the industry.

Our platform will consistently onboard industry professionals, attract loyal customers, and we will have used major established athletes and celebrities to entice customers to try new products, at the same time, develop key features to keep them engaged.

Products and Services

A platform that connects trainers, nutritionists and enterprises with athletes and clients. Provide the necessary tools to create, sell and monitor online personalised plans; growing reach, enhancing services and increasing productivity.

The Product has three interfaces:

  • A Marketplace to navigate, buy and review programs from 1000’s of industry professionals. Connecting Supply with Demand.
  • A SaaS solution that trainers, nutritionists and enterprises use to efficiently create programs, manage staff, view data analytics of client progress and have full control over their products and landing page.
  • An App interface that allows clients to view their program, keep track of their progress and integrates with the latest fitness trackers and wearables for a wholesome fitness experience.

Management Team

Nabil Rostom

CEO - Nabil Rostom

Leads the management team, with 7+ years experience in the fitness industry and 3+ years in Product Dev., tech startups
Norshek Fawzy

COO - Norshek Fawzy

BA in Applied Arts / Graphic Design, 3rd Startup, 4 years experience in fitness industry
Kareem Gamroor

CMO - Kareem Abo Gamra

Ex Google employee, 5+ years online marketing experience, 1 successful exit

Flat6Labs - Investor

The team worked together through the Ventures Dash portfolio companies. Starting with The BootCamp Egypt and thewellnesslog.com involving Nabil and Norshek, followed by the addition of Kareem, our marketing whiz, to finally build Jumpsuite.