Frequently asked questions

Jumpsuite FAQ for USERS

How do I use Jumpsuite?

Just navigate our store until your find a Trainer/Nutritionist or a program you like and place your order! All you have to do now is pay, fill out an application and then wait for your vendor to personalize and deliver your program to you!

When do you ask me for my measurements, preferences and goals?

As soon as you’ve chosen a vendor/program, you’re prompted to pay and once the payment is complete you’ll be asked to fill out an application that takes all of your

Why is my program late?

Jumpsuite only mediates the relationship between trainer/nutritionists and client. We provide the trainers and nutritionists with the software to create and deliver the program and provide you with the means to view and follow the delivered program.

How can I check the status of my order

You may check the status of your program from your profile, or you may follow up directly with the trainer/nutritionists through the contact vendor button located on their profile.

How will I know that my order is being processed

Once the program is delivered you will be automatically notified by the system and the program will be uploaded to your account.

What does a personalized plan mean? Why is it the best?

Personalized programs are custom tailored to your needs, targets and preferences. After you choose a trainer/nutritionist and purchase a program, you will be asked to fill in a detailed application with all your requirements, then the selected professional designs your plan accordingly.

What do I get after placing an order?

Once your plan is ready it is uploaded to your profile and you get to view it with a day-by-day breakdown of meals and exercises. You may also contact your trainer/nutritionist directly for follow-ups and updates.

How do I know a vendor is the right fit for me?

We urge you to contact vendors directly through their profiles prior to purchase. By getting to know them and asking questions regarding their services, this will help you choose the best fit for you.

Can I get personal training?

We currently only offer online programs, where highly skilled professionals get to design and deliver a day by day exercise and meal plan designed to meet your preferences and target, some vendors also provide daily/weekly follow ups.. You may contact vendors directly through their profiles and ask if they offer personal training, but currently this transaction does not occur through our system.

Why am I not seeing results?

Results take time, it’s a fact we a lot want to ignore. The only results that come really quickly are usually with programs that aren’t good for you. Crash diets and stuff like that. If you really feel like you aren’t seeing results, feel free to contact your trainer or nutritionist and talk to them about your current status and concerns.

What if I want a refund?

Please email us at and we’ll help if we can! Most sales are final once delivered, however, if your vendor is late in delivery you are entitled for a full refund given order has been placed within the last 30 days

How can I trust these trainers/nutritionist?

We only allow professionals with valid certifications, and please be sure to check out their rating and reviews!

Jumpsuite FAQ for SELLERS

How can I join as a Trainer/Nutritionist?

We require that you hold a minimum of one certification from a credible entity. If you would like to learn more please provide us with your email and we will forward our intro deck and further instruction on how to get you started.

What makes Jumpsuite special for a trainer or nutritionist?

You get to sell to anyone in the world People will be visiting Jumpsuite looking for the program that’s right for them! You might find out you have a huge fan base/potential in Saudi Arabia or Morocco You get to track your monthly sales You’ll have access to an easy to navigate dashboard to track your sales and better understand your users!

How do you process payments and sales?

We take care everything to do with payment, offering your clients all the leading, safe and easy payment solutions (Credit Card or Paypal) and once a month we transfer your sales to your bank account.

How does Jumpsuite help me design programs?

You immediately get access to our massive database of workouts and meals. Our system is built for professionals! Its very intelligent and is designed to help you input complicated data as easy as possible. You get to input any kind of Exercise (Individual, Combination, Interval Sets, AMRAP, etc..)

What if I want to add my own items such as meals?

You may create your own meals. If you can’t find a meal, you can create it by combining our ingredients and getting creative!

What if I want to add special exercises?

Tell us and if it meets industry standards and international safety regulations, we’ll add it!